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You've heard the stories. You've seen the pictures. You've read about it in books, seen it on TV and in the movies, and maybe even dreamed about it at night. Embrace the infectious joie de vivre—as we are Welcomed Home to the Motherland. This cultural and historical tour explores the history, the present and the future, including The Door of No Return and receiving your African name at a traditional naming ceremony.

Leave behind what you know, leave behind what you thought was important, leave behind everything that's holding you back from fully embracing this new life as an African citizen. With our help, you'll be able to make peace with your past so that you can look forward to an exciting future full of opportunities for growth and development in a country that is welcoming home its children from across the globe.

Afro Future & Cultural Ghana 2024

As we explore the rich history, vibrant culture and diverse landscapes of Ghana, you will learn about Akan culture and be immersed in a world of music and dance.

AfroFuture is a celebration of Africa’s diverse culture and the vibrant work of African creatives and entrepreneurs.

The festival is designed to elevate and highlight the thrilling and thriving millennial talent in Africa by introducing an interactive event that teaches, explains and explores various cultures through a pioneering approach. AfroFuture attendees will experience art and creative activations from the continent, celebrate African music, and taste premium and cultured cuisine.

Journey back to the Motherland

Ghana is a beautiful country rich in culture and heritage. Join us on an immersive journey through this magnificent African country, where you will explore different aspects of life in Ghana.

Explore and learn the history of Ghana's cultural experience

Explore and learn the history of Ghana's cultural experience on our Door of No Return Tour. Our tour includes the Door of No Return, a traditional naming ceremony, and a visit to a village where you'll meet elders who share their stories with you.

Get your African name

Let Ghana embrace you with their infectious joie de vivre. Experience a traditional naming ceremony, explore the Door of No Return, and gain an understanding of African culture. Join us for this cultural and historical tour!

A cultural and historical tour that explores the history, present, and future

Ghana Cultural Exploration is a cultural and historical tour that welcomes visitors to the Motherland. The tour explores the Ashanti Kingdom’s rich history, on top of an immersive cultural experience with a traditional naming ceremony.

Ghana Cultural Exploration

A Unique Insight Into Ghanaian Culture!


Depart for a sightseeing tour of Accra, the Capital of Ghana. Experience the city’s highlights during this Accra orientation. The capital of Ghana since 1877, Accra is also the capital of the Greater Accra Region.

One of West Africa’s surviving tropical rain forests. Choose between a 2 km nature walk through the rain forest to discover the wide variety of exotic flora and fauna species and the medicinal values they offer or take a walk on the canopy walkway hanging 40 meters above the forest ground

visit Elmina Castle, also known as St. George’s Castle, which was built by the Portuguese in 1482. Here, learn about the relationship between the western slave traders and the African tribes that participated in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. 

depart Accra to a beautiful village located on the lower course of the splendid Volta River. You will pay a courtesy call on the chief and elders amidst traditional drumming and dancing by the villagers. The group will participate in a naming ceremony of recognition, where a Ghanaian name is given to participants, and a gift presented as part of celebrating a new identity as a Ghanaian and a member of the local community

Tour of the infamous Forts, Castles, and Slave Dungeons of Ghana.

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explore Elmina, a fishing village that’s both picturesque and gritty, charming and though provoking. What better way to appreciate it than to immerse oneself in its main industry – fishing! 

drive through the forest zone to Kumasi, the seat of the Ashanti Empire to explore the legends of the famous Ashantis, whose legacies are still evident today. En route, stop at Assin Manso. Visit the site of “Donkor Nsuo”, the former Slave River and market, the final transit point for a large number of enslaved Africans

Devote this day to visiting the three famous Ashanti craft villages. Afterdepart for Ahwiaa, the wood carvers’ village, Ntonso, the home of Adinkra cloth, and Bonwire, the Kente weaving village. You will have an opportunity to see how African crafts are made and to buy directly from the artisans who make them. 


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